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We welcome you to LotteryPlanet, the place that reunites the most popular lottery games on the globe in one easy-to-use online platform. Pick your favorite European or American lottery game, read some extra information on its history, rules, awards and jackpots, then go ahead and play online lottery with a few clicks. Select your lucky numbers and cross your fingers for the big wins to be coming your way.

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Enjoy The Thrills Of Playing Online Lottery Games
All of the national lottery games or the international lottery games that can be played here feature huge prizes. All you need to do is visit LotteryPlanet.org and make your pick. Some games will not allow players who are not citizens of a certain country to participate in their draws. So read all the detailed instruction you can find about each of the instant lottery games you are interested in and select the ones you are eligible for. Record wins create millionaires every day and we are here to make things even easier for you.

Sit back and relax, use your laptop to mark your tickets, search for a new lottery game when you get bored to playing the same lotteries and wait for us to tell you the official results of the draws. You could be the next big winner of your national lottery game – don’t remember to take your heart pills and get ready to receive the greatest news of all via your personal mail!

Don’t Limit Your Online Lottery Play
Play several online lottery games at once for more chances to win. Globalization now enables you to choose some of the hottest lottery games in the world and not solely stick to your national lottery game choices, so act smart and start picking your lucky numbers today!

LotteryPlanet reunites a great variety of worldwide online lottery games that can be played without leaving the comfort of your home. Our site offers instant access to the best draws anywhere on this planet through its well-developed network of local agents. These people are trained to buy online lottery tickets on your behalf so you don’t have to waste precious time standing in line to local lottery booths and make the purchases yourself. This will save you time and energy and will turn lottery tickets online into some of your favorite purchases.

How To Purchase Online Lottery Tickets
If you want to buy lottery tickets online, LotteryPlanet uses a simple purchasing system: visit the page displaying the lottery games you can play, check the availability of the game in your country, look at the amount of time you have left before you can make your purchase, pick your lucky numbers and proceed with the buying of the ticket online wit a simple click.

What Happens If You Play Online Lottery And Win?
We are here to provide you with the real-time, unparalleled information services that will tell you the results of the recent online lottery draws you have taken part of the second the official results are in. Winners are also informed of the happy event of having won through email. Players need to create their own account on the site and wait for the prize to be transferred to their account. In the event of jackpot prizes, winners are sent the official ticket and additional information and guidance on how to claim the grand prize.

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