Euromillions lottery

The Euro Millions lotto game counts among the biggest lotteries in the world. It features spectacular first and secondary prizes worth hundreds of millions of Euro. To become eligible to win any of these regular awards, you need to choose five numbers out of a pool of 50 numbers, 1-50, plus an extra two Lucky Stars numbers form a pool of 1-11 numbers. The two extra bonus numbers can ensure the winning of the first prize, provided you also guess the primary five numbers. If you have only chosen a few of the Euro Millions Lotto winning set of five numbers, but you have guessed the bonus numbers, the secondary prizes will be coming your way. Stop wasting any more precious time and start choosing your favorite numbers today!

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To get started, roll your mouse over your all-time lucky numbers, complete the required information needed for billing purposes and have your personal account be immediately created for you. You can also use the simple registration feature on the site to create a new account and take advantage of the 1+1 Welcome Bonus deal.

Already familiar with us? Even better! Sign in using the Checkout Page – wait for the pop up window to show and check out your wins, your bonus money, and your Euro Millions lottery game play history.

Select The Lotto-Matic Option For Automated Number Selection!
If you do not have any favorite or lucky numbers you like to play all the time, or if you would like to do things a little different next time you play EuroMillions, use the Lotto-Matic feature. We at like to help out as much as we can, and this option enables you to have your forms be instantly completed. Click the “Proceed” button once you are ready and have seven EuroMillions lottery numbers be selected for you. Rely on a random number generator to choose the numbers you are going to play with and get your hands on the unique, breathtaking jackpot that has rolled over eleven times, giving birth to a prize worth €180.000.000.

Never Forget To Play Euro Millions Again!

Use the Subscriptions we have in store for you and never forget to purchase your Euro Millions online tickets again. Our special feature will not solely help you remember the starting time of your favorite European lottery game, but it will also bring you some excellent discounts for choosing to regularly buy tickets. Stop feeling the frustration of having forgotten to buy your tickets – and of seeing the numbers you would have chosen be drawn. All you need to do is remember to permanently verify the inbox of your personal email to find out if you are the big winner of the extraordinary first prize. will also handle the transfer of your wins right to your personal account, in case you are the winner of any of the secondary Euro Millions prizes. We will personally collect the prize and have it sent to your account; if you win the amazing jackpot, we will make sure you will immediately receive your printed winning ticket, along with all the data you will need to claim the first prize.

The Euro Millions lottery game is played each Tuesday and Friday, between 22:30 and 23:15 (Paris time) and you can immediately check out the results right on our site as soon as the draw is over. The grand prize can reach €190.000.000, so it is definitely a game you don’t want to forget to buy tickets for! Sign up or sign in LotteryPlanet today and buy your lucky tickets!

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